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Who is Foresight?

As educators, we work to reveal the mysteries of the world around us. But its a bitter pill to swallow when we realize that most of what we have learned in life has been cultivated outside the classroom. The fundamental skills, such as walking, talking and exploring our five senses, developed through independent practice and exploration.

Oblivious to these facts, much of today’s classroom education incorrectly assumes that memorization means learning. Traditional education believes that for every ounce of teaching there is an equal ounce of learning. As adults, we know the stark truth that much of this instruction is lost while very little is actually remembered.

Foresight is dedicated to providing, in addition to core knowledge on a topic, a variety of application opportunities that enhance the learner’s ability to utilize new learning for effective workplace impact.  The use of cutting-edge technology and innovative educational design are hallmarks of Foresight educational opportunities.

Our Vision

To be your "one stop" shop for all your learning solutions.
To be your long-term partner for all your learning solutions.

Our Mission

To create cutting-edge learning solutions tailored to your organizational needs.

spread over 25 cities in 9 regions

Serving North American Medical Institutions

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Classrooms are evolving every day. Our programs tap into that evolution and offer course delivery that resonates and delivers an experience that can easily be applied to real-life situations.


Individual Learneing

Foresight's Faculty

Our Faculty Are Industry Leaders

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Karen Kaminskas

Certified CME Professional

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Dr Brian McAlary

Dr. McAlary has served as Medical Director of Foresight learning since its founding. He brings over four decades of experience in healthcare learning and consulting, including pre-pandemic presentations throughout the United States. He serves as content creator and editor for the website, as well as being available for consulting with followers of Foresight Learning. He can be reached through our web page.

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Foresight Team

Foresight Leadership Team

Image of Dr Brian McAlary

Medical Director


Dr. Brian McAlary received his medical school training from Harvard Medical School. He served on active duty with the US Navy for approximately twelve years. McAlary was the Chair of the Department of Anesthesia at the National Naval Medical Center and Director of Medical Corps Education and Training. He was lauded for enhancing the quality of military medical training, improving the relevance clinical instruction, and lowering their expenses by millions of dollars. Dr. McAlary has been a lifelong educator who is familiar with the learning design process in healthcare and brings a diverse perspective to Foresight Team.

Managing Partner


David Craig has a Graduate Degree from the University of South Florida in Informational Technology and certification in continuing healthcare design. He has managed instructional design teams and projects for over a decade. David has designed courses in emergency medicine, surgery and healthcare leadership through both eLearning and instructor-led formats. Through gamification and interactive simulation, he develops educational solutions that applies content in a real-world scenario. David a fresh perspective on the future of course design to Foresight.

Design Director


David Bieniecki has a graduate degree from University of Phoenix in Organizational Management, and an under graduate degree in Workforce Education from the Southern Illinois University. He was active duty in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years where he managed training programs. For almost two decades since, he has been developing educational courses and programs in the finance and healthcare fields. A master of various design methods and technologies, David has deployed his vision by leading corporate-wide initiatives at Fortune-500 companies like Coca-Cola, PSCU and University of South Florida’s CAMLS.

IT Director


A highly skilled technical expert in the web, database management, design technology and videography, Abel Tapia has devoted his career to educational production. With over 15 years in multimedia design, he has facilitated hundreds of live and distance education courses in medicine and healthcare administration. Abel owns his own website design business and now brings his skills and insight to Foresight Learning.


Project Manager


Rajesh Uppal has a graduate degree in Satellite Communications from CSSTE-AP, organization affiliated with the United Nations. He has decade of experience in managing complete lifecycle of Defense, Aerospace and Satellite projects. As program manager he has planned, and launched multiple security technologies, developed product and technology roadmaps. He as Director, provided centralized management of $20M program with 2 directorates and 2 laboratories spanning ~20 projects. Passionate about futuristic technologies and innovation, as well as educating and advising on emerging technologies, he brings a diverse perspective to Foresight Team.