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Online Education

Utilize our library of courses to meet your education and training needs. Our courses offer interactive, case-based applications to close your educational gaps, or those of your team or department

Customizable Education Course for Your Team

Do you have specific training needs within your team or department that include customized attention? Foresight Learning can create a specific course to meet the needs of your learners, utilizing case-based skill-building that applies directly to the desirable unique workplace skills within any industry. Please contact Foresight Learning at, to set up an inquiry call for further details on utilizing this important resource.

Personalized Consulting Opportunities

Do you have unique needs for personal or team consultation on issues in healthcare management, including those found in the Foresight Learning growing library? Personalized opportunities for you or your team to work one-on-one with our content experts are available at your request. Please contact Foresight Learning at, to set up an inquiry call for further details on utilizing this important resource.

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Introducing the Peer-to-Peer Network

We believe in the power of your VOICE.

Today, your professional opportunities and organizational success is only as limited as your ability to connect.  Upon completion of any course, every Learner can opt into our Peer-to-Peer Network where you will have access to a secure blog.  Here you can meet and discuss topics relevant to your professional arena.

As our network grows, your opportunities to communicate and listen to others grow as well.  Our network of professionals puts you in a unique position of growth.  Your social media presence allows you to hear the voice of others and recognize the needs of your evolving stakeholders, customers, vendors and industry leaders. Every opportunity you have to connect to the greater marketplace is a predictor of future success.

How do you stand apart from others?  How would you solve a specific problem? What makes you authentic?

It’s through questions like these that you learn, grow, teach, and mentor.  You are your own best advocate and building connections is how you develop your personal brand.  Developing a rapport with others shows your business savvy and your desire to create a positive experience.  We make it easy to reach people in your field who undergoing similar struggles or searching for the same answers. Together, problems are solved. Together, professionals thrive.

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Education Communication

We believe education is a collaborative event.  Our instructors possess a strong background in their respective content and the ability to effectively share it in charismatic and exciting ways. These are individuals that go beyond the role of a teacher, becoming mentors to our learners.  This requires communication on many levels, one of those is our ongoing podcasts.

Leveraging the digital landscape, Foresight offers regular podcasts that are easy to access and easy to understand.  Our episodes will focus on these two areas of engagement.


  1. Next Steps in Course Content: Sit down with an intimate conversation between our hosts and the course faculty. We will go beyond the lessons to explore the inner-workings of the industry.  Learn how they got into the industry, reaping insight knowledge from their years of experience.  Connect the dots between the process and the outcomes in an intimate conversation.
    Learners are encouraged to remit questions and discussion topics to be covered in upcoming episodes. Ongoing input from you ensures that everyone is involved in the conversation.
    All learners will be provided unfiltered access to all available course-relevant podcasts.
  2. Designing Content for the 21st Century Student: Foresight looks to push the boundaries of how learners can engage in educational content to make it, not only easily accessible, but immediately relevant to you as a learner.  There is always something new to learn about in creating good instruction and how training can be effectively employed. Our course developers will openly discuss new concepts in course design and learning models.

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