Challenges of Perioperative Endocrinology (coming soon)

This online enduring course provides learners an insight into common endocrinopathy, such as diabetes mellitus, that can significantly impact the perioperative evaluation and management of patients presenting for a wide spectrum of surgical needs. This content covers the risk potential for serious perioperative compromise if the multiple consequences of an endocrinopathy are underappreciated.

Preventable Patient Injury (coming soon)

This is an online enduring course that offers insight into the mechanisms by which both healthcare facilities and healthcare providers deal with preventable patient injury. Learners will explore the specific industry failures that result in medical, legal, and moral consequences for all involved. It also provides areas for consideration to reduce opportunities for preventable patient injury.

Practical Applications in CME/CPD Program Administration

Continuing Medical Education Practical Applications in CME/CPD Program Administration This is an online enduring course which offers interactive, case-based knowledge, skill and strategy building exercises and lessons, helping you and your team improve your CME/CPD Program compliance. This course provides guidance for five (5) key differences in content planning, development, and delivery for accredited CME […]